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Bradford Young : Cinema Is The Weapon screens in Atlanta

On May 28th 2019 a segment from Bradford Young : Cinema Is The Weapon screened as part of liquidblackness’ event “(A) Black Lineage of the Music Art Video” held at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center during which they showed and discussed work by TNEG (4:44), Black Mary by Kahlil Joseph, Black America Again, by Bradford and EN VOGUE by Jenn Nkiru.

Screen grab of Bradford Young from Bradford Young: Cinema Is The Weapon (2019)

In a write up on IG liquidblackness stated, “The segment captures the portion of Dhondee’s 2018 interview with the award-winning cinematographer of “Selma” “Arrival” and “Mother of George” in which Young traces the #lineage of #blackfilmmakers and #storytellers that inform his work: In the segment screened Bradford Young stated, “If you’re looking at the particularities of the photographic intention of [‘Mother of George’], I’d say that’s a work in progress. That is me embodying several generations of work. "

Screen grab from Mother of George (2013) courtesy of Lars Knudson

He continues, "This is a continuous conversation. It’s a chain of transmission between a group of artists, a group of thinkers who have been forger under a particular pedagogy. There [are] not just small links, not just little, sort of micro-bridges or indirect links between me, Andrew Dosunmu, Haile Gerima, Malik Sayeed, Arthur Jafa, Chris Ofili, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Ava DuVernay, Charles Burnett, John Akomfrah. The list goes on and on. We’re all an echo chamber of a conversation, we’re all checking in.”

liquidblackness is the name of a research group founded by Alessandra Raengo, at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, comprising graduate students and alumni of the doctoral program in Moving Image Studies collaboratively studying blackness and aesthetics;

it is the name of an online scholarly journal that offers a forum for the exploration of experimental methodologies for the formal analysis of blackness in contemporary visual and sonic arts and popular culture at the intersection between the politics and ethics of aesthetics;

and it is a theoretical concept that focuses on blackness as an aesthetic mode, one that emphasizes multiplicity and experimentation. to find out more about liquidblackness visit

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