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The Queen's Suite (2016)


Photograph by Paul Murphy

Directed, Produced & Edited by Corine Dhondee

Executive Producer, Christo Hird

In 1958 Duke Ellington met Queen Elizabeth II at the Leeds Festival. A year later he composed The Queen's Suite. One LP was pressed and sent to Buckingham Palace and JAZZ HISTORY was made. Fifty years later, gifted musician Peter Edwards has a dream to perform this very special composition at the Southbank's Queen Elizabeth Hall live - in front of the Queen.


The Queen's Suite is a documentary that follows Peter has he transcribes the record, gets his 15 piece orchestra together, rehearses them, negotiates with Buckingham Palace and performs in Swansea and London as he tries to make his dream a reality. Does he succeed?

Screenings and Festivals

The Queen's Suite screened at BAFTA-qualifier Hot Docs in 2016. It has also screened at the BAFTA-qualifier Sheffield Doc/Fest, the Race and Jazz festival, the Kansas Jazz festival and at Toronto University.


In 2016 the film screened in London as part of the Art of Her sponsored by the British Film Institute.

Sticks and Stones (2013)

Written and Directed by Corine Dhondee

A London Film School Production

Tech spec Arri Alexa, Cannon 7D, Cooke Lenses, Cannon Lenses

'I think this is a really great short and I’d like to congratulate you on creating such a thought provoking film'. Senior Communications professional for a major children’s charity.


'A really good piece of filmmaking and a sensitive portrayal of a difficult subject'. Communications professional for a major children’s charity.


Sticks and Stones started as a collection of fragmented dreams prompted by an interview Corine heard on radio 4 by Sophie Andrews, the former chair of the Samaritans, who was groomed for sex by her dad. The short film gives some insight into the psychological world of a young woman who after fleeing a sexually abusive relationship with her dad struggles to re-assimilate into the world. Haunted by her past and faced with the present she is forced to make a decision. 

Screenings and Festivals

Genesis Cinema. 2015

The London Short Film Festival, 2014


The Southside Film Festival, 2013

Hani's House 2006

After graduating from the London School of Economics Corine was asked to work on an EU funded documentary in Israel and Palestine. Whilst there she met Hani whose home had been demolished.

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